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Sefronia was formed in Granada (Spain) from the work "Restos", of the main composer of the band, A.L. Guillén. The first demo of the group, recorded in 1999, contains original songs from that first work. During the year 2000 , the band recorded an unusual and dark homemade first album ("musica contra osopetos", edited in 2001),  well received by the critics, where Angelina Olea´s warm voice shone over the sonorous magma created by J. Manglano (electronics) and A.L. Guillén (acoustic instruments) . After 4 years of silence, Sefronia reappears in 2006 with a new work, "Ars Teopática", developed after 5 years living in Madrid while J. Manglano left the project; "Ars Teopática" is their most ambitious album and includes the fine collaboration of Piotr Wegner in the violins, and a lyric´s thematic that deepens on a mystical-pataphisical-anarquist speech. The band, for the first time, performs the album live during the year 2006, sometimes accompanied by drummer Javier Carmona (Akafree, Grimorio, London Improvisers Orchestra). At the moment the band is settled down in Almeria, as well as A.L. Guillén has formed with J.M. Cidrón the contemplative freeform improvisation duo Alondra Satori. Sefronia has just now edited a double live Cd-r called "The Bombo Tour", compilating several tracks from the last tour of the band. The duo is now recording their third studio album.
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